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Presell Copywriting / Blog Writing

Businesses need a preselling page to grab the attention and pique the interest of would-be buyers.

All Vegan World needed a powerful copy for their preselling page.

CEO, Jayson reached out and provided detailed information about his goals for the page and the target market.

He had a difficult time looking for a writer who understood the task and could deliver premium quality work. He tried four writers before finally finding us and was highly impressed and pleased by our work.

If you need help writing copy for your preselling page or emails, contact our copywriter Lux.

Here's what Jayson has to say about her:

Wow, that is fantastic work! Exactly what I had in mind. Nice job, Ms. Lux! I've already gone through four writers…all "Elite Plus" status, none of them even came close to what I was looking for. You are very talented. - Jayson, CEO All Vegan World

Project information

  • Category: Presell Copywriting / Blog Writing
  • Company: All Vegan World
  • Client Name: Jayson, CEO
  • Project URL: All Vegan World

All Vegan World is a social enterprise that's like Amazon for vegans. From food to accessories and fashion, they offer everything your vegan heart desires and even deliver your orders sustainably around the world.