Why professional ghostwriting services?

We'll write for you as you, and you get all the credit.

Are you a website owner who needs high-quality articles for your blog?

Are you an influencer who loves to update your followers with engaging captions?

Are you a boss who wants your clients and customers to hear from you so you can stay connected?

But you have a big secret…

You want to write all these yourself and own every word but you're either burnt out or, to be quite honest, you don't write that well.

You're business-savvy but literary skill is not your forte.

You've tried but you just ended up frustrated with a lot of your precious time wasted.

Worse, you've paid for a writer to do it for you but it lacks authenticity. People can tell it's not you.

"This doesn't sound like him/her. These words, this style, this writing…there's something strange…"

So, who you gonna call?


You need a professional ghostwriter who will write in your voice and style, and tell your story the way you would.

Don't feel bad that you can't keep your connection with your audience because you can't find the time to write for them.

Or worry that they would know it's not you because there's no consistency in your communication style.

Our professional ghostwriters are here to make your writing sound like you…without you doing the actual work.

We'll help you shine in the eyes of your clients/customers/followers because with all the hard work that you do, you deserve it.

How to better introduce your product to your target audience?

How can you provide the information your potential customers need?

How do you become an authority in your niche?

Produce SEO-friendly and readable blog posts to boost your brand awareness, engage would-be buyers, and get more sales.

Available Ghostwriting services

Blog posts

Creative writing (poems, speeches & essays)

Social media posts

How does this work?

  1. Tell us about your business or product and where you need the write-up. Book a Call on Calendly with Lux.
  2. Our team will plan and pitch ideas for you.
  3. We will begin the work after you pay the 50% deposit.
  4. Turnaround time depends on the complexity of the topic, the number of words, articles, or captions needed, and the project timeline.
  5. Pay the remaining amount before the end of the project or before we deliver the last article.

Book a Call on Calendly with Lux

When you need a professional writer who can write on your behalf while keeping and letting your unique personality stand out, you know who you're gonna call.

Tell us what you're looking for.




Nurture your Audience
  • 5 well-researched, SEO-friendly blog articles of varying lengths (up to 2000 words).



Creative Writing
  • The price will vary depending on the type of creative writing you need.

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