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Do dogs go to heaven? Every dog parent has asked this question as they face one of the most forbidding parts of loving a dog—the goodbye.

Barry knows this struggle by heart. That is why he created Heavenly Images and My Pet Letter from Heaven, where he helps pet parents cope with loss through personalized memorial pictures.

Barry needed help to write about pet memorial ideas, and he found the right person in our content writer, Lux.

As a fur mom with more than a decade of writing experience, Lux provided a heartening article to give dog parents ideas on how to honor their beloved pets' memories in a practical and charming way.

Here's what Barry has to say about her:

"I felt that Lux really cared about my needs and she listened to me. I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to work with her. She not only cares and listens, she is highly intelligent and very skilled at her work. You can just tell when someone really cares and loves to help other people. That's something very rare these days, unfortunately." - Barry, Author My Pet Letter From Heaven

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My Pet Letter From Heaven a loving and inspirational book, comforting pet owners as their beloved pet has passed on to heaven.